OINK Utility Token

The release of our utility token $OINK is a major step forward for the Angry Boars ecosystem.
Each Angry Meerkat will earn 5 $OINK tokens per day for a period of five years. Angry Meerkats will produce a total of up to 18,250,000 $OINK tokens per year, over a period of five years. (if all 10k Angry Meerkats get minted)
You will not be required to stake or give up custody of the NFT in order to earn/claim the utility tokens!
$OINK is an ERC-20 utility token that will be used for various tasks inside the Angry Boars ecosystem.

Check OINK balance

At a glance:
- Each Angry Meerkat will earn 5 $OINK per day
- No staking required
- Burn $OINK for Symbiosis (Breeding model) and more
- $OINK utility token launch date: November 18 @ 4PM UTC
- Total Supply: Up to a maximum of 91,250,000 $OINK will ever exist. (if all 10k Angry Meerkats get minted)

$OINK is the utility token that fuels the Angry Boars ecosystem.
$OINK is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.
1 $OINK = 1 $OINK

How it works?
Once the utility token is launched, as an Angry Meerkat holder, you won't need to do anything to start earning $OINK. The accumulated utility tokens are associated to the individual Angry Meerkat and will be claimable directly on our website. This also means Angry Meerkats that are purchased or traded on secondary marketplace can have an existing balance of $OINK that can be claimed.

The Symbiosis (our breeding model)
One of the initial utilities of the token will be to start The Symbiosis process.
Angry Boars holders will be able to start the Symbiosis process to create a new spectacular & unique evolved NFT. The Symbiosis will require 2 boars, 2 meerkats and $450 OINK to start the process. Only the $OINK tokens will be burned.
Once the boars and meerkats will be used in the Symbiosis, they can’t be used again for this process. There will only be a maximum of 3815 symbiotes. More details about this experiment and expected results will be revealed as we get closer to launch.

This is our initial list of items we will make available with The Symbiosis launch:
Name Change (100 $OINK): Name your Symbiote something cool and unique.
Bio Change (200 $OINK): Change the description of your Symbiote and build a backstory for it.

We are focusing on having The Symbiosis out in early December, but will be adding more ways to use $OINK and future utility in upcoming developments like The Angry Shop, our video game Truffle Tussle and more.

The Angry Shop
This will be the place where you can unlock items, features, experiences and more, using our utility token $OINK. (ETA after The Symbiosis)

For example:
-Merch Store (unique and limited edition drops)
-Angry Raffles (tickets for various raffles)
-Access to future collections
-More to be announced

Frequently asked questions

When do I start earning $OINK?

After the utility token launches on November 18 @ 4PM UTC, you will start accumulating $OINK for each of your meerkats.

How do I claim my $OINK Tokens?

$OINK Tokens accumulate daily and can be claimed directly on our website.
We recommend once or twice a month (or only when necessary) because it will cost gas fees to claim the tokens.

Do $OINK Tokens have a time limit to be claimed?

$OINK Tokens have no expiration date and no time limit to be claimed.
However, if you were to sell an Angry Meerkat before claiming the $OINK Tokens they will be transferred to the new owner along with the Angry Meerkats and only the new owner will be able to claim them.

When is the deadline for minting an Angry Meerkat?

You have until November 29 @4PM UTC to mint your free meerkat.